anata no kiss mo kakoro mo zenbu

by Clannadia


Title: Anata no Kiss mo

Kokoro mo Zenbu



Genre: Yaoi


Tsuyu Translations

Summary: While at work one day, Fujisawa cut his finger deeply, and ran to a crowded medical clinic. By chance, he met, for the second time, his childhood friend Kenjou, who was now a doctor at the clinic. Fujisawa still remembers being a junior high school student, and the time in the library when he had softly kissed his sleeping friend, the object of his unrequited love.

1. Kiss Returns (キス・リターンズ)

2. Anata no Kiss mo Kokoro mo Zenbu (あなたのキスも心も全部)

3. A Cat and a Gentle Guy (A Cat and a Nice Guy)

4. Cool Styles (クール・スタイルズ)

5. My Lover in a Wonderland

6. Sweet 13 Years Later

Volume 01: Megaupload l Sendspace (COMPLETE)

One Comment to “anata no kiss mo kakoro mo zenbu”

  1. I love Ai Hasukawa works. I owned all the English hard copy. I can’t wait until this one get licenseso I can add it to my collection. Thanks for sharing.

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