Let’s Get Together in Shibuya

by Clannadia


Let’s Get Together in Shibuya [Shibuya de Aimashou]
Mangaka: TAKAGUCHI Satosumi
Genre: action, comedy, seinen, BL subtext
Publisher: Futabunko Masterpiece Series, Futabasha
Year of publication: 2007 (bunko reprint – first published in 1991)
ISBN: 978-4-575-72618-3
Scanlation status: complete
Summary – Half Baked Scanlation: University student Sekiguchi Toshihiko’s life takes a turn for the bizarre when he begins working as an accounts clerk with Galaxy Planning, a small firm that serves as a front for organized crime. His boss is the ultra-cool Aguri, a devil-may-care yakuza with a passion for gratuitous violence and constantly harassing his favorite employee.
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One Comment to “Let’s Get Together in Shibuya”

  1. hahahahaha omg… i love this!!! its sooo funny XD thanks soo much for sharing!

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