Ikenai Otoko

by Clannadia

ikenai otoko

Title: Ikenai Otoko
Alt.Title: No Good Man

Author: Takao Hiroi
Mangaka: Kamuro Akira

Genre: Hard Yaoi, Comedy
Publisher: MagazineMagazine
Published in: June Comics Piace Series
ISBN Vol.01: 978-4-89644-169-7
Length: 1 Volume (end)

Summary – Blissfull Sin : The long-awaited serialization of ComiJune, finally released as a comic!
Handsome men and their no-good Love H Paradise!
Ryou was dumped because of his lousy sex techniques and in order to improve his skills, he turned to JS Pro, a company full of handsome men. His debut as a seme was a complete failure! He decided to challenge the uke role by teaming up with Tatsuya, a man he admired, however…

Joining the cover story, many other tales!
An unprecedented erotic love♥ high in vitamins, sweetly numbing your heart and body. The gem of their work is born.

all info taken from Blissful Sin

One Comment to “Ikenai Otoko”

  1. completely fell in love with this manga 🙂 thanks soooooooo much for sharing!!!

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