::Hisho no Territory

by Clannadia

  • DescriptionHisho no territory
1) An Incomplete Perfection

Shinohara Yuu is in love with his boss (Yae Gashi from, but his boss already has a boyfriend. So Kakinuma Daishi, his childhood friend agrees to take the place of Shinohara’s boss and sleep with him.

2) Gift

It’s Daishi birthday, however Shinohara completly forgot about it. But don’t worry – Daishi will find a way to take suitable present from Shinohara.

3) Secretary’s Territory

Daishi is writing a scenario about life of secretarys. He use Shinoharas office as reference material.

4) Honeymoon River

Daishi takes Shinohara on trip in mountains.

5) Scaling the Mountain of Love

6) The Smiling Assasin

Michihara has in company always making mistakes and apologize with smile to Tamaki.

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Yojouhan Sweet Home (Prequel)
Associated Names
A Secretarys Territory
Groups Scanlating

Secret Haven

Status in Country of Origin

1 Volume (Complete)
Completely Scanlated?
Groups Scanlating
Secret Haven
OUMI Shinano
OUMI Shinano
source - Baka updates manga

Hisho no Territory ch01

Hisho no Territory ch02

Hisho no Territory ch03

Hisho no Territory ch04

Hisho no Territory ch05

Hisho no Territory ch06

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