17 one shots collection

by Clannadia

Oneshot - Aimai na Kankei by Masara Minase pg002

Masara Minase – Oneshot – Aimai na Kankei

This oneshot is about Satoru, a single bussiness man whom had lived alone since high school. One rainy night, Satoru picked up a high school male stranger and give him shelter. Little does Satoru knows that this high school boy might be his dreamfilled escapade. After all…

Masara Minase – Oneshot – Anata wo Mamoritakute

A short 26 page story about a student-teacher relationship. The teacher breaks it off and after 6 years pass, the student is now a teacher also and they find that their feelings are still the same.

Masara Minase – Oneshot – Itsuwari no Daishou

When teenager Mahito sees his father and his father’s secretary Kazaoka having sex, Kazaoka is sure that Mahito hates him. But then Mahito’s father dies and he takes over the company and Kazaoka!

Masara Minase – Oneshot – Kodomo Ijou Otona Miman

15 year old Kotarou still goes to his childhood pediatrician when he’s sick. Or does he have another motive?

Masara Minase – Oneshot – Kokoro to Karada no Hazama

Haruyoshi was always a player until he met Ryuuichi. Now he’s settled down, but suddenly Ryuuichi says he’s going to a marriage interview! Has Haruyoshi been wrong about their relationship the entire time?

Masara Minase – Oneshot – Libido

20 page story about two very different step brothers.

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