Three And A Half

by Clannadia

3 and a halfAuthor(s)





Groups Scanlating

summary /Baka manga update/

Collection of oneshots:

1) 3 1/2
Three guys share an American Forces house, but one of them, a most conservative guy, can not put up with the other two guys’ profligate sex life…

2) Dessin
Two guys often repeat “part” & “get back together” just like a game. But one of the guys becomes unable to keep it…

3) Torso
A student who indulges the masturbation with torso knows the sex with flesh-and-blood guy for the first time…

4) Sasayaka na Yokubou
A bullied homosexual student who has a taste for “peeping” adores two very cool guys who look kings in their school. The student saves them in exchange for observing their sex.

5) Metamorphosis
A guy who bears a load of debt by “seminar of self-development” tries prostitution and is broken in by a rich guy who seems to like to dominate in kinky sex, but what is this guy really after?

6) Vanilla Boys
A guy finds a lover at Shinjuku, a famous gay date spot for the first time by pretending he likes hard core sex but in reality he is more into gentle “vanilla” sex.


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