Pistol in one hand

by Clannadia

Author(s)pistol in one hand
HIIRO Reiichi

HIIRO Reiichi


Groups Scanlating

When Haruhi was 10 he lost his parents in a car wreck. He went to live with relatives, but was always lonely. Now he is 17 and looking for his benefactor, the man who sent him a monthly allowance, and more importantly, kind and caring letters for those 7 years. When he finds him, and insists they should live together, Kaga isn’t entirely amenable to the idea, and claims Haruhi would be in danger. Exactly why is that so? What does Kaga do when he disappears for days at a time?

3 Comments to “Pistol in one hand”

  1. i just want to say thank you for these lovely scans. you have an awesome group of them and i just wanted to let you know i appreciate your work.
    thank you so very much.

  2. Good job!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for sharing

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