Harem days

by Clannadia

Harem DaysAuthor(s)



Groups Scanlating
Dangerous Pleasure
Liquid Passion

• Harem Days
Madoka Mitsuru (Enman to his coworkers) is a rough ex-yankee, so he’s not really sure how he got a job at a prestigious company. He works in “the harem”, the name of the gofer department because of all the attractive ladies, under Chief Suzunari, a cheery middle-aged man who doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space!

• Hareta Yoru no Hikari (Light of the Clear Night Sky)
Medical intern Chikada Tomoharu is always being called a “nice guy”, especially when he’s being dumped. When his lover dumps him by email, text message, and he’s roughed up by the yakuza outside his apartment building he’s having the worst day ever. Building caretaker Fukiage Tatsuru scares the gang off, and he and Chikada become friends. But does Tatsuru only see him as a “nice guy” too?

• Itsuka no Himitsu
It’s been ten years since Yuuya was home. That was the last time he faced Asato, the blind neighbor he’s always had a crush on. He’s spent the time trying to forget the one night he acted on those feelings. But he’s been fired and evicted; with no place to go he returns to his childhood home and the man he’s never forgotten.

• My Secret: Itsuka no Himitsu bonus

5 Comments to “Harem days”

  1. thanks for sharing, but the link is dead

  2. Link is down for Harem Days

  3. i couldn’t download this T_______________________T it says the file has been removed.

  4. Thank you very much! (The link is fixed)

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