Tsuki no Hikari mo Todokudarou

by Clannadia

tsuki no hikara moAuthor(s)
HIIRO Reiichi

HIIRO Reiichi


Groups Scanlating
hiiro reiichi

From Fantasyshrine:
5 years ago in summer, Takuro’s older brother, Kotaro, a high school teacher, brought his student, Hiro, to Takuro’s apartment. The three of them started living together happily.
Until one night, Takuro discovered that Kotaro and Hiro were actually lovers. Although he felt hurt, angry, and betrayed; Takuro realized he had also fallen in love with Hiro.
However, tragedy struck when Hiro’s older brother, Reiichiro, finaly located Hiro…


One Comment to “Tsuki no Hikari mo Todokudarou”

  1. thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

    I Love Yaoi very much >_<

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