Koi wa Ichiya ni Shite Narazu

by Clannadia

KAMO Nabako

KAMO Nabako


Associated Names
Love doesn’t come in the first night.

Groups Scanlating
Biblo ErosDescription
Igawa and Takagi work in the same company but do not get along with each other. Igawa thinks that it all started when Takagi collapsed during training retreat and Igawa insisted on carrying him to the infirmary which hurt Takagi’s pride. Now, their boss has threatened them to either start getting along or else their bonuses will be withheld. How will these two ever get along?!

4 Comments to “Koi wa Ichiya ni Shite Narazu”

  1. Thank you, this was really cute!

  2. I love this.Thank you for sharing^^Y

  3. thanks for sharing >_<

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