Naisho de Alleluya

by Clannadia

Naisho Author(s)
KAMO Nabako

KAMO Nabako


Associated Names

Groups Scanlating
Summary Correction by Backlash67:

Shuuichiro Ooka (a.k.a Shu) is a famous song-writer and a father to Botan from a failed marriage. Botan is lonely and asks if he can have a cat. Shu tells him no, but Botan brings one home anyway… a very human-looking cat who is actually a man who Shu slept with before that goes by the name Umekichi!

It’s later revealed that Umekichi’s real name is Shizuka. The same name as Shu’s cousin. Will Umekichi get to stay? Will Shu figure out why Umekichi reminds him of his past? And will he sleep with him again even though he’s Botan’s pet?

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