Mandayuu to Ore

by Clannadia

mandayuu Author(s)
SAKURAI Shushushu

SAKURAI Shushushu


Associated Names
Kissa Kirara e Youkoso
Kyouhei and Mandayuu
Mandayuu and Me
Tell Me the Price of Love

Groups Scanlating

Related Series
Sakurai Shushushu no Erotimaniakku (Alternate Story)
1) Mandayuu and Me
Kyohei is a serious, responsible office worker while his friend, Mandayuu, is anything but… a talented, high-strung, and perpetually horny hentai artist, Mandayuu is always getting Kyohei mixed up in his hare-brained exploits. Whether it’s posing for Mandayuu’s comics or getting trampled by rabid fans at an anime convention, life with Mandayuu around is many things, but it’s certainly never boring!

2) Mandayuu and Me – The Comic Bastard

3-5) Take That! My Love – Kyouhei’s Love Trance

6) Mandayuu and Me – New Year’s Eve

7) Tell Me the Price of Love (Kissa Kisara e Youkoso)

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