Sekai wa Temee de Mawatterui

by Clannadia

MISHIMA Kazuhiko

MISHIMA Kazuhiko


Associated Names
The Whole World Revolves Around You
You are turning the world
You Make My Head Spin

Groups Scanlating
Countless Time

As a transfer student to a rough, run-down school populate by delinquents, Shindou tries his best to make friends. When he meets the ill-mannered Yousuke, heartbeats and tempers start to fly! It seems Yousuke is a “tsundere”–his gruff exterior hides a shy, sensitive side–and Shindou immediately finds himself dizzy over his combative new crush. Can Yousuke accept a relationship that goes against his tough-guy image? Or will his tendency to lash out at everyone around him drive even the earnest Shindou away for good?

One Comment to “Sekai wa Temee de Mawatterui”

  1. thanks for the manga.

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