Sore wa Isshun no Hikari, dewanaku

by Clannadia

Studio May-be



Associated Names
Sore wa Isshun no Hikari dewanaku
Sore wa Isshun, no Hikari de wa Naku
Sore wa Isshun, no Hikari dewa Naku

Groups Scanlating

Quiet, sweet story of an emotionally shuttered university sempai and his conversationally clumsy junior. Sharing the same last name and a love for classical music brings them together a little. But will this be enough to bridge the gap between the sempai’s secret sorrow and the junior’s awkward naivete?

8 Comments to “Sore wa Isshun no Hikari, dewanaku”

  1. Thank you very much! I was looking for this story. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing!^_^

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. thank you for sharing!

    the team soledad is dead?????

  6. thanks for sharing >_<

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