Mae yori mo Dare yori mo

by Clannadia

CJ Michalski

CJ Michalski


Associated Names
Maeyorimo Dareyorimo

Groups Scanlating

The first three stories are about 3 brothers.

1) The eldest brother, Shunpei, picks up a prostitute boy in order to refuse an arranged marriage by his grandfather

2) The middle brother, Takashi, makes his old temporary lover enter his father’s company

3) The youngest brother, Tomoaki, loves his manservant.

The other three stories are unrelated:

4) The professor who invented the medicine of “rejuvenation” tells his student of his feelings

5) Romance in the high school ping-pong club.

6) A homosexual couple with a kid looks back over the past of their youth.

Additional story (extra from the first 3 stories): new year’s family reunion, from the grandfather’s point of view

One Comment to “Mae yori mo Dare yori mo”

  1. Thank you!!! I love Michalski’s works 🙂

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