Heart ni Goyoujin

by Clannadia




Associated Names
Don’t love me, Baby?

Groups Scanlating

From SofeenaLee:

1) If There’s Love, There’s No Problem
Nishimura, tired of the way that people treat him because of his accent, devises a plan for a new him. What that plan didn’t account for however, was the nuisance homeroom teacher, Ishikawa-sensei.

2) Only Under The Sun
Hoshino Ryouji, a high school baseball player finds himself to be in a year long low, with his interest in baseball waning but what could the reason be? Could it actually be because of his older brother?

3) Let’s Talk Till We’re Sick Of It
Takeuchi is the most popular guy in school and for some reason can’t seem to draw his eyes away from the strange and small, food-loving Iida.

4) After The Talking
In this chapter we join the doting Takeuchi and cute Iida again to see how they fare now that they are finally together. As happy as Takeuchi is, it seems all is not going well as he hoped when Iida starts to avoid him.

5) Meeting You
Awed by Teru’s killer yoyo skills, Iwashita entreats the middle schooler to become his instructor.

6) Guarding My Heart
What will Iwashita, the older salary man, do when his insecurities only grow after being confronted with a love-rival. Who should Teru really be with?

7) Keep Your Kindness
It’s one disaster after another for Hayakawa Shingo but perhaps there is something greater to gain up ahead.

8) The Yo-yo Couple Get Along So Well
We join one of our favourite couples again in this extra chapter.

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