Mimitabu no Riyuu

by Clannadia




Related Series
On the Palm of Your Hand (Side Story)

Associated Names
A Reason for Earlobes
The Reason His Earlobes Redden

Groups Scanlating
Bushido Angel Adventures

1) Mimitabu no Riyuu
(A Reason for Earlobes)
Yamaguchi is a notorious womanizer. Some men admire him; others can’t stand him. Ishikawa is definitely one of the latter. Nevertheless, when Yamaguchi’s latest girlfriend dumps him, Ishikawa jokingly offers to comfort him with his own body. Unfortunately for Ishikawa, Yamaguchi takes the offer seriously. And, to make matters worse, Ishikawa discovers that he can’t say no!

2)Yubisaki no Biyaku (指先の媚薬)
(Love Potion Fingertips)
Ishikawa and Yamaguchi are dating, but Yamaguchi’s lovey-dovey behavior makes Ishikawa sick. Hoping to put Yamaguchi in his place, Ishikawa suggests that they “see other people.” But things take a turn for the worse when each one catches the other with a beautiful woman.

3) Kuchibiru no Teppen (唇のてっぺん)
(The Top of the Lip)
Ishikawa usually wears an irritable scowl. So why is he laughing and smiling so happily? Is it because he likes homemade sweets… or the cute girl who made them? Consumed with jealousy, Yamaguchi’s patience is pushed to the limit.

4) Tsumuji no Mannaka (つむじの真ん中)
(The Center of the Hair Whorl)
Ishikawa’s nightmare is in danger of become reality. His boyfriend, Yamaguchi, is trying to win over his family! Fearing for his future, Ishikawa forbids Yamaguchi to visit his home, but Yamaguchi is determined to get close to the Ishikawas, one way or another. If Ishikawa won’t accept him, then maybe Ishikawa’s sister, Hitomi, will…

5) Ushirosugata no Natsu no Neko (後ろ姿の夏の猫)
(The Summer Cat Turns Its Back)
After bad news from the doctor, a man reminices about a young man he went to school with, but then young man appears and he hasn’t aged..

4 Comments to “Mimitabu no Riyuu”

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for putting your time in service of our addiction! I totally love what you have done here, and so beautifully!

    I´m here not only to thank you, but also to report a broken link: Mimitabu no Riyuu by Kunieda Saika … Sendspace has deleted this (at least that is the message I´m getting).

    I love work by this mangaka. Thank you for including her in your massive list of fantastic mangaka´s!!!

    • Hello Sachan
      thank you for reporting broken link and your kind words
      you can download manga of Kunieda Saika now
      have a good day

      • Thank you so much for your quick reply and repairjob on the download thingie!
        I can´t thank you enough for the work you´ve done here! I love how your blog (more like massive archive) looks and feels and is set up. Thank you for choosing to do this for us with your time.

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