A boring man

by Clannadia

YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko

YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko


Associated Names
Tsumaranai Otoko

Groups Scanlating
status ongoing

From PresenceDear:

1) A Boring Man
I live in company housing for singles. After I was just called “boring” and dumped, my super-perfect subordinate and neighbor, Karasuma, confesses his love for me! Why me…?! A guy who drowns his sorrows in alcohol, then nearly drowns in the bathroom?! This time, I refuse to be called “boring!” So, I’ve made a decision, but…

2) Sweet Room

3-4) Let’s Tie Hands Firmly
When Atsushi quits his job in the city and returns to his hometown, he finds his younger friend, Satoru, all grown up and a little distant.
A sentimental story about childhood friends in love…

5) Always Hand in Hand
Sequel of ‘Let’s tie hands firmly’.

6) A Troubled Man

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  1. thank you


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