Aitsu to Ore

by Clannadia




Groups Scanlating
Forever More
Peccatore Sanctuary
Project Shueiguo

Associated Names
Shounen S [Aitsu to Ore Short Story]

Takeru’s mother is about to remarry. That is a great opportunity for Takeru to live with a real family and, most of all, to have a big brother, Shin. Things do not actually turn out the way he expected, though.

One day, while waiting for his girlfriend, Takeru hears a couple of people discussing about money for sexual favours. Curious, he turns around to check out the chick, but it turns that both parties are male. However, what shocks Takeru more is when he realizes that the one prostituting himself is Shin, his new stepbrother…

First volume extra: Shounen S

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2 Comments to “Aitsu to Ore”

  1. ahhh I can still feel my heart give a little painful squeeze whenever I realize that I am never going to be able to gaze at this wonderful mangaka’s work since her passing, she was a real lost to the yaoi world, that she was. :sniff: I’ll be taking this and thank you, for bringing her past works to us fans we surely appreciate it.

  2. thanks so much 🙂 this is such a sweet mang… very lovely!

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