Ijiwaru na Kuchibiru

by Clannadia

Ijiwaru na Kuchibiru  Author(s)






Associated Names

Ijiwaruna Kuchibiru

Ill-Natured Lip

Groups Scanlating

Dangerous Pleasure

Collection of short stories

1) I’ll Natured Lip

Salaryman Takafumi has fallen deeply for his childhood friend, and neighbor Ryu, who is still in high school! But Ryu always gives him the cold shoulder, which worsens as time goes on. What is happening?

2) Unspeakable Innocence

Student Esumi is constantly sexually harassed by his friend Oda.

3) Neighbor Love

Ikuo and Hyuuga are neighbors that are friends, and maybe something more?

4) The Key of Bonds

Nara and Hirao are college students who just sort of fell into a relationship. But Nara is getting more serious about the light-hearted Hirao.

5) A Kiss Sweeter Than Honey

Takumi’s older sister is often brought home drunk by her coworker, Sasaki. But whenever Sasaki comes over he brings Takumi delicious desserts.

6) Innocent Smile

Ryou’s going off the college and Takafumi’s freaking out!

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  1. thanks for sharing >_<

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