Real (Anan Yukako)

by Clannadia

ANAN Yukako

ANAN Yukako

Year 2003

Related Series – Non Stop Love Power (Side Story)

Associated Names
Shiawase na Nishi

Groups Scanlating
Peccatore Sanctuary

status ongoing – so far ch 1-3 scalated

1-3) Shiawase na Nishi
Famous actor convinces naive acting student that he (the student) needs to to become lovers with him (the famous actor) to better understand and portray a role.

4) Kisu

5) Non Stop Love Power
Sei is one of those kids who’s obsessed with the supernatural. When he convinces his classmates to join him for a courage test at a nearby house that is supposed to be haunted, he doesn’t expect his classmate Hayami to get possessed by a ghost. While the other boys run away, Sei is left to deal with his possessed friend. Possessed or not, what does Hayami think he’s doing kissing him like that?



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