update Hana to Ryuu

by Clannadia

new chapter 8th of Hana to Ryuu – Kazuma Kodaka
made Nodeadline

download and more here

One Comment to “update Hana to Ryuu”

  1. Hello^^

    My name is Illyana, I’m brazilian yaoi fan…

    I’m reading Hana to Ryuu in this moment, and… I’M LOVE for doujin!!

    Please, you know where have the chapters 17 – 23?? Dont have it is KILLING ME!!><

    Please, I'm crazing looking for the net, but… nothing TT_____TT

    Can be raw, wathever!! ;____;

    Can You help me, please?

    My email is: illyana.himura@gmail.com

    Best reguards!!

    Hugs ^~


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