Pretty Scoop

by Clannadia




Associated Names
Haretara ii Na
Pretty Scoop

Groups Scanlating

1) The Scoop of Justice
Eiichi Sada enters the newspaper club as soon as he enters high school. His partner, Akira, looks terrifying but mentally he is very kind. One day, Eiichi witnesses the love affair of two homosexual students and takes a picture of it. Akira then takes a shot of Eiichi’s nude form in order to make Eiichi learn the significance of reporting.

2) My Only Scoop
Eiichi knows Akira’s father is a journalist. But Akira asks Eiichi to keep quiet.

3) Selfish Scoop
The police gets Akira mixed up with a sexual molester who uses a secret camera and arrests him. Eiichi asks Akira’s father to help.

4) The True Scoop
Akira and Eiichi find stray kitties.

5) Obedient Scoop

Extra story : Haretara ii Na (Tell Me Clearly)
A somber student who likes rainy days loves his happy-go-lucky best friend who is an outdoor type. The doujinshi are based on this extra story.
Boy, Fish on Wave and Snow lower.


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