Yakudate! Seishun.

by Clannadia




Associated Names
The Hot Blood of Youth
Yakudate Seishun

Groups Scanlating

Collection of short stories:

1) Yakudate Seishun
Komori Atsuhiro loves his job cleaning, especially for the sexy writer Haidamaki Munesan.

2) Sakura Iro
Mayama has always admired his boss Taki Buchou, but now he’s having sexy dreams about him?

3) Shisen no Toriko
Because of a unique psychological condition due to a childhood trauma, Chigara decides to become a nude male model. But will the teacher of the class Ozu Makoto get a reaction out of him?

4) Anata no Te no Ue
Enami Hiro just got a job and a collection agent and he’s terrible at it! The guy he’s supposed to collect from is giving him the run around. Can soft-hearted Hiro make the guy pay up?

5) Mujaki ni Wagamama
When doctor Yamagami Seiichi causes the accident that breaks snowboarder Nozuru Motomu’s leg, he devotes himself to his care. But Nozuru acts like a spoiled brat, albeit a very cute one…

6) Kimi wa Boku no
Extra from chapter one: Komori head home and brings a reluctant Haida with him.



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12 Responses to “Yakudate! Seishun.”

  1. Thank you for sharing ^__^
    I think link mediafire is not correct.

  2. hi, came here following a link from lj. the links in this page seem to be down 😦

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Love it 🙂

  4. 🙂 heya. thanks for sharing awesome manga.
    umm… i really like the new layout. and the pic <—– *there the art of Tanaga Hinako i suppose, what manga is it? 😀

    thanks ♥

  5. Taking, thanks so much for sharing!


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