Kare no Niwa ni Saku Hana

by Clannadia




Groups Scanlating
Aku Tenshi
Liquid Passion
Storm in Heaven

Related Series
Moony – Oukaryou Trilogy (Prequel)

Several stories, part of Miamoto Kano’s “Moony Trilogy” that revolves around men’s dormitory in a regional university:

1) Flower That Blooms In His Garden
Story about student who is suffering from leukaemia.

2-4) Frost
Suwa Jun has a casual, convenient arrangement with Assistant Professor Akishima, enjoying perks both in the classroom and in the bedroom — at least that’s what it was supposed to be. Noticing strange changes in the professor’s behavior, Jun cannot help but be drawn in further into the professor’s life and a darker romance than either had ever anticipated.

5) I Want To Gaze At You
When Akihito takes out his trash, he hardly expects to find a stack of gay porno by the bin, much less to meet the proud ex-owner, Ryouichi. To Ryouichi, however, it seems that Akihito has taken the bait. A game of cat and mouse ensues, leading to some of Miyamoto Kano’s steamiest sex scenes!

6) The Reason We’re Here
Shinobu meets You-chan, a drug addict who sells himself to get his next fix, and ends up falling in love. But can Shinobu keep You-chan from destroying himself?

7) Bird On The 12th Floor
When Shun discovers Yuuki gathering his courage to jump to his death from the roof, Shun makes a desperate deal with him to buy time to save his life. Shun agrees to follow Yuuki’s every command for one week, and if Yuuki still wishes to commit suicide at the end of that week, Shun vows to die alongside him. Over the course of the week that follows, Shun and Yuuki’s arrangement develops into a relationship. Will Yuuki still insist on going through with his initial plan to end his life and will he take Shun with him?

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