Sennen ni Hitotsu no Koi

by Clannadia


Artist(s) [Edit]

Year 2002
Associated Names
1000 Years 1 Love
1000 Years of Love
Only Lover For 1000 Year
Only Lover for Thousand Years
Sen ni 1 tsu no Koi

Groups Scanlating
Datenshi Blue

Compilation of short stories:

1) 1000 Years, I Love
Hakua is sent into the mountains by the village to kill a ferocious tiger that has been attacking villages. The tiger, mistaking him for a girl, drags Hakua into the mountains to become his mate. Love soon blossoms as Hakua must teach this half human creature the meanings of his new found emotions.

2) 1000 Years, I Love Extra
Their love going strong, Hakua decides to go back to the village. Naturally Youko tags along and runs into some trouble in the human world.

3) Lying Words Honest Kiss
A slave merchant Kouhaku steals a beautiful boy Enji to sell him to a public house. Little did he know that the boy wouldn’t mind at all.

4) Fallen Warrior
A doctor’s apprentice Suiki finds a wounded samurai in the forest and takes him to his home to treat. The samurai Genka is really bad-tempered and the boy has bad history with samurai.

5) The Flower of Love
Story about an artist Sekka and a beautiful boy Joka he saves who later comes to serve as his model.

6) The Path of Pure Love


2 Responses to “Sennen ni Hitotsu no Koi”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that there is something wrong for the download for this manga… thanks~


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