Soko ni Suwaru na

by Clannadia

Author(s) ASOU Kai

Artist(s) ASOU Kai

Year 2008

Associated Names
Do Not Sit There
Soko ni Suwaruna

Groups Scanlating
Shinmakoku Scanlations

From Shinmakoku Scanlations:

1-3) Soko ni Suwaruna (Do Not Sit There)
Hayama would always sit on the sofa, waiting for his roommate (and lover)’s return. The truth is, Hayama had been abandoned without knowing about it. When Namikawa moved in, they both had a wonderful life together without Hayama’s roommate. Namikawa felt sorry for him, and started to develop a feeling of love and jealousy toward the pure and timid Hayama… This is the story of a true love that helped heal the wound of being abandoned.

4) Maki no Iibun (Maki’s Reasoning)

5) Fureru Chikasa de (So Close That It Touches)


11 Comments to “Soko ni Suwaru na”

  1. Thank you very much~! I just love Asou Kai’s works~ =)

  2. taking chap 4 $ 5 ^^

    thank you~~

  3. Thank you very much for sharing this 🙂

  4. thank you for sharing this. ❤

  5. thank you guys for sharing this manga…^^

  6. Looks great! Thank you 🙂

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