by Clannadia




Groups Scanlating

This is a story about two friends, from nearly the beginning to almost the end of their lives, who happen to love each other. It also explores the life of a child from one of them.

Tatsuya and Shinozaki are in 5th grade and their music teacher is a perverted pedo. One day the music teacher has a request for Yumi, a girl who uses him to get expensive gifts. He wants her to get Tatsuya into the music room so he can be with him. Shinozaki recently confessed his feelings for Yumi and she decides to use him as bait to get Tatsuya to go to the music room. Shinozaki and Tatsuya’s future does not look good…

Note: Only chapter 1 of volume 1 and chapter 7 of volume 2 is shotacon.


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Complex vol. 1

Complex vol. 2

Complex vol. 3

Complex vol. 4

2 Comments to “Complex”

  1. I’ve been looking for a few of the early chapters of Complex. Very happy to be able to complete this series! Thank you so much!

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