Koi Negawakuha

by Clannadia

Koi NegawakuwaAuthor(s)



Associated Names
Koi Negawaku wa
Koi Negawakuwa

Groups Scanlating
Countless Time

Story #1
The head of a cursed clan, Yukinobu, insists of sleeping with his servant, Kurohoshii, because he reminds him of the disappeared family cat, Kuro. They even share the same scar on the left side of the face, so is Kurohoshii’s the cat reincarnation or is it just a coincidence…?!

Story #2
Kurohoshii’s cousin, Hirohoshii, who is the lover of the god in charge of Yukinobu’s family curse, tells his cousin that he must leave Yukinobu’s side and go back to the god’s. But why would Hirohoshii tell Kurohoshii to leave his lover and go to his’…!?

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