Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi

by Clannadia


Romance Agreement – Don’t Steal a March on me!

Author(s)KAZUMI Maki ,

Artist(s) SAKURAGI Yaya

YEAR 2005

Groups Scanlating

Memory For You

Peccatore Sanctuary


A childish student, Shirou carries a torch for his teacher, Oka. Masami, a good friend of Shirou’s, who has cherished him like a brother, is confronted by Ryuuji, another friend of them, concerning his true feelings for Shirou. Masami and Ryuuji conclude a gentlemen’s agreement, in which either of them cannot hit on Shirou. Ryuuji orders Masami to substitute and take care of his sexual desire instead of Shirou.


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