Kinjirareta Taion

by Clannadia




Groups Scanlating
Memory For You

Collection of short stories:

1-3) Kinjirareta Taion
When Detective Moriyasu breaks up a lovers’ spat on a street corner, he doesn’t expect to know one of the guys. Kazuki is a troubled young man with nowhere to go, so Moriyasu takes him in. But the past has ways of catching up with them.

4) Naisho de Scandal
Kenjou is a beautiful model, but he doesn’t like being considered girly. So when he gets into a argument on the street and a stranger stands up for him, he loses his cool. But he also loses his cell phone…

5) Kamen wo Hazushite
Yamashita is regularly scolded by his boss, Natsume, whom he has a crush on. But when he sees Natsume kissing another man…


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3 Comments to “Kinjirareta Taion”

  1. (via lj) Thank you very much, this looks really nice ^_^

  2. Thank you very much!!

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