Hachimitsu Darling

by Clannadia

AKIRA Norikazu

AKIRA Norikazu


Associated Names
はちみつ Darling

Groups Scanlating
Dangerous Pleasure

status ongoing

Takahashi Chihiro has always been an useless kind of guy, drifting through school and life with no permanent attachments and no real goals. He’s not even sure why he picks up the kitten on the side of the road. But when little Shiro gets sick, Chihiro is desperate and turns to veternarian Kumazawa.


3 Comments to “Hachimitsu Darling”

  1. Oh! this manga is cute and with lots of tenderness 😀
    And I love Dr. Kumazawa because he’s like a mountain, he’s like a bear XD I loooove him!!!
    Please, don’t miss this beautiful story!!

  2. les liens ne fonctionnent pas 😦
    Help, thank you

  3. I love this manga,!!! I cannot wait for ch, 6…. I do hope they hurry and update, I want to find what happens next ….thanks ^_^

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