Oni ni Hatsujou

by Clannadia




Associated Names
Please Love Me, Super Sadistic & Sexual Teacher!

Groups Scanlating
Shinmakoku Scanlations


From Shinmakoku Scanlations:

When Tanami Riku’s father died in a traffic accident, he was left all alone. Then suddenly a guy named Onikubo Nagi came and demanded to be his guardian in place of his father, who was actually Nagi’s former teacher. Then he applied as Riku’s homeroom teacher! He pushed himself into Riku’s life without even asking for permission. Living with the Super Sadistic Teacher was unbelievably harsh. What exactly did Nagi want with Riku?


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6 Comments to “Oni ni Hatsujou”

  1. i am in love with this manga (^_^) it is very good and funny too! thanks so much!

  2. I like this manga a lot!!! it’s so much fun))) thank you for sharing!

  3. I was reading this manga online , when I finished the first chapter I decided to download it ❤ !! Thank you very much for sharing x3 ~~

  4. Great! Thank you for the download link since I can’t find it anywhere else <33 The manga looks interesting xD

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