Kiss to Kirai no Hantai

by Clannadia



Year 2007

Associated Name
Kiss & Loving

Groups Scanlating

Are the two of us friends, or are we lovers? It not clear how he regards us. If I say ” let’s kiss”, he’ll kiss me. If I say “let’s move in together”, he’ll smoothly accept. He’ll indulge me, but he won’t express a desire for anything in return. Just when we’ve moved in our new place, his little brother who loathes me appears. Because it’s a good opportunity, he wants to keep tabs on us. If it come down to me or his family, he’ll choose me…. Right?


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3 Comments to “Kiss to Kirai no Hantai”

  1. just wanted to say i love ur site (^_^) working my way down the list & i’m almost finished 🙂

  2. 😀 thank you hmm I think so I will add some names into menu … ;D

  3. What do you think concerning adding some more pics? No offence, content is really great. But as I’ve heard people acquire info much more effective if there are certain helpful illustrations.

    Lenny Mainfield

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