Deri Kiss!

by Clannadia



Year 2004

Associated Names
Delicate ni Kiss Shite,Deri Kiss
Deriketo ni kisu shite, Derikisu
Derikisu!,Derikisu! ~ Ikenie

Groups Scanlating
Forever More

1) Ikenie
Dim-bulb Suga is proud of his super smart boyfriend Yoshinari. But will a smarter Suga bring them closer together, or drive them further apart?

2) Derikisu
Suga is always impressed by Yoshinari’s calm face. But beneath the surface Yoshinari’s thoughts are far from calm.

3) Deriketo ni Kisu Shite
When Suga realizes he’s both shorter and heavier than Yoshinari, he’s surprised. It’s true their love life has slowed down lately. Can Suga diet the magic back into their relationship?



5 Comments to “Deri Kiss!”

  1. Thanks a lot… =D

  2. when i tried to download this, i got a msg saying the file was deleted…

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