Sailor Danshi

by Clannadia



Artist(s) SAKIRA

Year 2010

Groups Scanlating
Blissful Sin

Status complete

Description From Blissful Sin:

Seeing a friend dressed up in a sailor uniform at a drinking party, his heartbeat immediately speeds up and his crotch starts throbbing! To find out why, he takes his friend to a love hotel and…? The arousing sailor uniform clinging to a muscular body, bondage brothers, oyaji harassment, sex on the beach and much, much more – all in this fully-loaded novel!#

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3 Comments to “Sailor Danshi”

  1. Guys, you always save me, I was looking for this so much. Thank you!!!

  2. I just came across your site within the last month or so and have been visiting almost weekly because of new yaoi manga I haven’t even heard about! Keep up the good work!

  3. *___* Спасибо большущее за перевод!
    Oh, I mean, thank you very much))

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