2-dome no Koi no Hajimari wa

by Clannadia



Year 2009
Associated Names
Nidome no Koi no Hajimari ha
Nidome no Koi no Hajimari wa
The Beginning of the Second Love

Groups Scanlating
Boys On Boys Love

From Boys On Boys Love:

After being harshly dumped by his lover, Kousaka Yuuki, a shop manager at a restaurant, swore that he would never love again. One day he met his ex again who came to the store unexpectedly and it was completely exposed by Matsuoka, a kouhai at work, that he dated a guy. Kousaka was shaken that his past was known to Matsuoka, and that he would look down upon him, but Matsuoka forcibly kisses and says “I love you” to Kousaka…!?


2 Comments to “2-dome no Koi no Hajimari wa”

  1. Thank you very much for your sharings. I like and enjoy Lemon Ichijo’s senseii works.

  2. tk you so much
    can i translate it to Vietnamese?
    i really like works’s Lenmon Ichijou sensei

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