introduce yourself

Would you like share with me any yaoi manga ? it’s easy – you could upload here but there are some condition :

  • only none licensed manga,
  • you have to credit – scanlation group,
  • leave you contact info,

upload here

Tourist guidebook

  • you can introduce yourself , write down what do you think about my page, share you manga here

23 Comments to “introduce yourself”

  1. Guys, I must congratulate you!
    After hour on the web looking for Masara Minase work I wasn’t able to find any, but the I came acrozz with your site and… oh, maaan!! ALL those mangas I couldn’t find anywhere else (and much more), gathered in one place!
    Really keep it up! *bows*
    Let it be known that your effort and time invested in doing this possible, it’s really-truly appreciated! ❤

    Thank you!

  2. hey guys! this is really great! i love how all yaoi mangas are in one place so it’s easier to find. i don’t have to spends hours looking for any. i really wish i have found this place sooner. it feels like i’ve been cheated all this time til now lol.
    thanks guys for sharing! you’ve made my life easier lol hehe

  3. What a pretty site!!
    Thanks so much for sharing all those mangas! I had a great time looking throw them and reading some!! ^0^

    Oh and btw the layout is really beautiful!
    Could you tell what’s the name of the manga you used for your header? It looks really nice!

  4. still waiting for your comments feel free 😀

  5. Thank you so much for doing all the work involved in building this yaoi library. It is much appreciated! The layout is pretty and open and all my favorite manga is gathered here! Thank you so much for making and upkeeping a place like this *bows*
    It makes it much easier to keep track of updates!
    Thank you!

  6. OMG, What an amazing place for yaoi lovers like me. Days after days, it is getting harder and harder to read yaoi mangas online for free. Thank you very much for this yaoi blog. I wish this blog become more successful.. I love you very much… ❤

  7. As a BL lover, I really am happy to find your great site.
    And I really appreciate for your hard work to make this site ….
    Thank you so much ….

  8. actually i like yaoi manga but nowdays fanfiction attracted me now,, can i link ur blog with my blog but its a fanfic blog,,and its yaoi fanfic,, how about that?? i want to post ur blog banner n i hope u don’t mind to post my blog banner here,, but if u don’t want it,,its okay,, thank u,,

    • good evening Yoojiyool
      Would you send me PM on clannadia at
      with your banner image and webpage address ,
      I will be glad to exchange
      wish you good day


  9. hey dear!
    i stumble upon your website when reading fanfiction last night.
    and all i could say is WOW!
    i love this website already & you did a great job dear!!

  10. w0w! great site! ^^
    it’s hard to find yaoi mangas nowadays
    thank you for ALL ur hard work!!!
    keep sharing great manga!!! ^_^

  11. hello~
    this site is great, there are so much mangaka gather here, in one place. you are awesome!
    thanks for sharing this site to all yaoi fans out here~
    keep the hard work!

  12. Howdy. I’m HH and won’t be sharing, and rarely taking, but I like your site. You’ve put a lot of work into it. I have a similar site, but I only talk about yaoi. It’s relatively new so there isn’t much there but If you are so inclined, please stop by. BTW I found this site a while ago but I never bookmarked, so when I found you on LJ, I was pleased as punch!

    Keep up the great work.

  13. Hello!
    I just want to say that finding this website is like a gold mine.

    im sorry but i seem to be having trouble with downloading the scans from 4shared.
    i dont know if its me or if its truly broken.
    the scans that i tried downloading….Kodaka Kazuma – Sex Therapist….doesnt work for me.
    i hope you can help me out and tell me if its me or the actual link.

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